A ”quiet” summernight in Märynummi, in the city of Salo


In Märynummi, in the city of Salo, some of the local residents of wind turbines have lost their constitutional rights to a healthy living environment. At the same time, they have lost their human rights.
In a 2017 administrative court appeal, wind power operators have blocked noise measurements that local residents have been requesting since 2014. I.e. in Märynummi, the noise of wind turbines keeps some people awake against their will depending on the direction of the wind, the location of the house/apartment and depending on the building wall material (wood / brick)!

According to the provincial plan statement of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health of Southwest Finland dated 17.09.2013, the protection zone of the wind power plant areas should be 2 km to the nearest settlement. The opinion has been prepared in co-operation with the Regional Office for Southwest Finland. There are 457 households in the Märynummi area within a 2 km radius of wind turbines, which also include families living with children. In addition, the kindergarten is 1385 meters from wind farms.

The key question is:
How many days is it healthy to stay awake?
Answer (excerpt from the Ministry of Social Affairs Health Guide):
“One of the most important environmental requirements is to ensure undisturbed rest, especially at night. Adults usually need about eight hours of sleep a day, and children, the sick and convalescent often require a much longer night’s sleep and also peace during the day. ”


  • Has one of the biggest environmental crimes in Finland ever happened / is happening in Märynummi, in the city of Salo?
  • How would the residents, including children and families living with children, affected by the wind turbine noise in Märynummi. regain their lost constitutional and human rights?
  • How is this at all possible in Finland, the state of justice / education?

Watch a video of 1.1 km – one of the Europe’s most powerful onshore wind farms. The nearest apartment is only about 400 m from the power plant!